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NE.W.T.: Notebooks

NE.W.T.: Notebooks

NE.W.T.: Notebooks

Vendredi 6 novembre 2020, salle 105, ÉCL, 10h00-12h00

Jupyter notebooks et Jupyterlab : prise en main
Lieu : salle 105, bât. W1
Date : Vendredi 6 novembre 2020
Horaire : 10h-12h
L’usage de Jupyter notebooks pour faire un cahier de manip sera (...)

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How much do we know and how much we don't know about the covid 19 flow physics

ERCOFTAC Workshop at École Centrale de Lyon

How much do we know and how much we don’t know about the covid 19 flow physics

Friday, November 2020, the 13th - via ZOOM

Today, for the first time in history, in the context of Covid-19, everybody in the world is listening to what a fluid mechanics scientist will say about the respiratory flow. The objective of (...)

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PhD proposal at LMFA

Computational Modelling of Sound Propagation through Unsteady Flows Computational aero-acoustic (...)

PhD proposal at LMFA

Numerical computations of Green’s functions using an adjoint based method for acoustic (...)

PhD proposal at LMFA

Étude des réseaux d’antennes microphoniques sphériques pour la capture et l’analyse à grande (...)